Monday, 22 November 2010

Introducing me and my hero!

Welcome to Life (Sciences) Blog! I'll be posting about random things that catch my eye in the world as well as fun and interesting science bits and pieces that I come across. I graduated with a degree in Biology and although at the moment my career seems to be veering away from this ever so slightly I remain a science geek at heart!

My (very much outer) geek was pretty much set for life a few days ago. I met my absolute, complete hero on the 8th November... DAVID ATTENBOROUGH. 

He was doing a talk and a book signing at the Institute of Education in London and I got tickets! I ordered two copies of his new book 'First Life' to get signed (one for me, one for my mum), but they ended up in some delivery blackhole in the deepest, darkest corner of Kent. (I love David, but even I think three copies of his book is excessive and will now have to try and figure out ebay... wish me luck.)

Here's the photo of his signature!

I met him! I touched him!! He knows my name!!!

In case you don't believe me, here is a picture of him to prove it...

Now you believe me don't you?

And yes, he was completely lovely, funny and intelligent. Despite the fact he had to greet and sign books for hundreds of people he was smiling and friendly to everyone. 

My brother, his girlfriend and I then went to calm ourselves down with a beer and sat together in our mutual I've-just-met-David-Attenborough glow! :)


  1. No way, THE David Attenborough? That picture isn't convincing enough. Although It does kind of look like him...a part of his head at least.

  2. haha I know, I possibly shouldn't have relied on the camera on my £20 phone for the photo...